Operation Math Code Squad

Multiplayer Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division for Kids.

Work together to solve equations and disarm Dr. Odd’s devious devices in Operation Math Code Squad — the fun, multiplayer math game based on one of our bestselling games. Join up to three other Base 10 agents in a fast-paced game of tick-tock tech that tests your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

4.5 stars on App Store

Operation Math Code SquadApp Store4.5

4.5 stars on Google Play

Operation Math Code SquadGoogle Play4.5
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Subject Matter

Based on the Parents’ Choice-award winning app that shares its name, Operation Math Code Squad is a fun, multiplayer math game that helps players master their basic math tables. With its fast pace and fun spy theme, Operation Math Code Squad offers a fun addition to homework and traditional flash card drills.

Appropriate Age

Timed missions and team play make Operation Math Code Squad ideal for middle school math students and teachers looking for a fun multiplayer math game. Kids at this age will love the competitive game action, fun graphics and instant mission rankings that inspire them to take their math skills to the next level.

  • Simultaneous, four-player game action.
  • Four virtual keypads built for multiplayer math fun.
  • 21 missions based on three different skill levels
  • All the basic addition and subtraction equations for numbers 1-20
  • All the basic multiplication and division equations for numbers 1-12
  • Ability to select missions based on skill level and operators. (+, −, +/−, ×, ÷, ×/÷ and +/−/×/÷)
  • Safe, worry-free play with a Parent Gate and no third-party ads.

“… Operation Math Code Squad is one of the best educational math games I’ve seen on the iPad. It’s fast-paced, engaging, and just down right fun.”

Apps On Tapp

“Spinlight Studios has done it again! … The original Operation Math is one of THE best apps for practicing math facts I’ve seen. Code Squad just quadruples the fun!”

Nancy Barth Tutoring

“Operation Math Code Squad is a great app for practicing math facts. … While there are similar apps out there that are for free, I hands down prefer Code Squad.”

Primary Tech Teaching

“If you are looking for a fun way for students to practice their math facts in a timed setting, look no further! … Every elementary and middle school math teacher should have this on their “must have” app list.”

Technology Integration for Today

“People of any age can have fun with this game!”

The Wonder of Tech

“I love that up to four students can play on each iPad, I generally group my students by ability when using this app, so that the same kids aren’t answering the questions all of the time, and it gives everyone more of a fair chance. My students have responded well to this app. ”

Weber School District

“… a brilliant multiplayer game … Code Squad continues to be the most requested app in our classrooms, kids are just clamouring to play together and win together.”

Teachers With Apps

“With multiple kids on the device, you’ll hear encouragement and plenty of math talk emerge. … You are getting a great deal with this app.”


“Good for fun math practice.”


“With 20 secret agents and only 5 iPads in my classroom, you’d be amazed at the level of engagement and excitement in my classroom! … It’s the best $2.99 I’ve ever forked over for an app.”

Technology Tailgate

“Easy to jump right in and play. … I give the Operation Math Code Squad App for iPad 4 1/2 out of 5 PlaygroundDad Thumbs up.”

Playground Dad

“It’s the fast-paced simultaneous-action aspect of the game that makes it interesting to play with other players. … I really enjoyed playing this game.”

Geeks With Juniors

“Operation Math Code Squad is an app that is perfectly designed for classroom use.”

Technology in Special Education

“… an amazing app that executes its concept beautifully. Once your students experience Operation Math Code Squad, they’ll never look at math facts the same way!”

Chalk Circuit

“It is really engaging for students and helps them improve their fact fluency.”

Mixing the Next Batch

“The fast-paced play and cooperation between players offers teachers and parents a game app that will be requested often.”

Mind Shift

“It’s very fast-paced. Your kids are going to love it … I like Operation Math: Code Squad … [It’s] Totally worth the money!”


“It’s still a solid math testing app even for older kids. … The graphics and sounds are going to appeal to all ages of kids, and the fast-paced play and cooperation between players offers teachers and parents a game app that will be requested often.”


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