DrawBridge Sketches

Collection of stencils to make amazing art.

Unleash your inner artist with 400 virtual stencils that let you make real pencil drawings right on the surface of your tablet. With four creative stencil packs, DrawBridge Sketches gives you everything you need to draw anything you can imagine. Try this awesome drawing app for kids today!

4.5 stars on Google Play

DrawBridge SketchesGoogle Play4.5

Subject Matter

DrawBridge Sketches is a fun drawing app with 400 virtual stencils you can place, twist and trace. Create amazing art or use it explore concepts like composition, scale and proportion. You can even capture and import your own photos for endless tracing fun.

Appropriate Age

Designed for ages six and up, this fun drawing app lets you create everything from simple doodles to minor masterpieces, using paint and other mediums to finish your drawing off screen. Even adults will find it handy for the occasional tracing need, with simple tap-and-lock buttons that transform your tablet into a light table for the 21st century.

  • An innovative light table function that lets you trace on your tablet.
  • The ability to position, twist, flip and scale images.
  • Four creative stencil packs,including the Robo Pack, the Pets Pack, the Basic Pack and the Home Pack.
  • The Photo Pack, which lets you turn any photo into a DrawBridge stencil.
  • Free access to the DrawBridge Idea Center with helpful tips and ideas.
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