Gappy Learns Reading

Teach kids to spell and read words with letter sounds.

Spell words to cross the gaps in the fun game that helps early readers master more than 200 words and their sounds. With each journey you complete in Gappy Learns Reading, you’ll earn a new part for Gappy’s house. Collect them all and build more than 700 combinations in the fun reading game that’s perfect for pint-sized readers.

4.5 stars on App Store

Gappy Learns ReadingApp Store4.5

4.5 stars on Google Play

Gappy Learns ReadingGoogle Play4.5
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Subject Matter

Packed with charm, Gappy Learns Reading helps early readers learn to spell 174 basic consonant-vowel-consonant words and 37 site words. This fun reading game includes four levels that help kids progress from identifying letters to spelling words on their own.

Appropriate Age

Gappy Learns Reading is ideal for preschool and kindergarten learners who have just mastered their alphabet and are ready for the next step. With each word they spell, they’ll hear the word and its sounds, developing the critical skills they need to sound out new words.

  • 54 parts that can be used to design 720 house combinations.
  • Four game levels that help children progress from basic letter identification to spelling words all on their own.
  • The ability to switch between upper- and lower-case letters.
  • Selectable word groupings that help players learn at their own pace, whether they’re ready for easy, hard or sight words.
  • A teaching keypad with the name and sound of every letter.
  • High-resolution images that look great on every screen.
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“This app, from these tried and true developers, is so engaging, visually pleasing, and inviting the students simply can’t get enough of it!”

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“Spinlight Studios adds Gappy Learns Reading to the developer’s growing list of go-to kids edu-apps like Geography Drive.”


“The cute designs make this inviting app a fun and engaging tool for early learners to study vocabulary with.”


“A well-designed app for learning about letters and sounds while building words.”


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“Another surprise for kids is the reward activity … , which is very encouraging, adding a big plus to the app!”

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“The perfect first words app!”

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“Children and adults alike will enjoy this simple and intuitive children’s app.”

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“Gappy Learns Reading is a well constructed and versatile little app … well worth the download!”

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“Gappy Learns Reading ties in great with our Montessori language lessons. I’m happy to let my son ‘play a game’ that is actually helping him learn to read and write at age three!”

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“Gappy Learns Reading does a great job helping kids learn to spell over 200 three-letter words.”


“Spinlight Studio has never disappointed me, and they continue to put out great apps that my girls love. Gappy Learns Reading is no exception.”


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