Bone up on your state facts with the fun geography game based one of our best-selling apps! From the Flagstaff State Flag Game to the State Shape Challenge, Geography Drive Arcade includes four games, 200 facts and an awesome study map to help you explore America.

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Geography Drive ArcadeApp Store4.5

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From the top of Alaska to the tip of Florida, Geography Drive Arcade will test your knowledge of America with four fun mini-games. Learn the shape, capital, flag and spelling of every state in the fun geography game packed with patriotic punch.

Appropriate Age

Geography Drive Arcade is perfect for everyone from early elementary students to adults looking to brush up on their American geography. Ready for more? Expand your horizons with Geography Drive USA — the award-winning, cross-country adventure game loaded with 800 challenging state, regional and national questions.

  • The State Shape Challenge.
  • The Flagstaff State Flag Game.
  • The State Capital Challenge.
  • The Honolulu Spelling Bee (state name spelling challenge).
  • Four trophies with three different levels of achievement.
  • A helpful study map with all 50 states divided into 7 geographic regions.
  • 50 state brochures packed with state facts and historical information.
  Geography Drive USA (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

“No matter how you play, you’ll love the patriotic learning game packed with 200 important state facts.”


“The minute it showed up on the iPad, one after the other my children were asking about putting it on the iPods. Children begging to put an educational app on their iPod? It’s true.”

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“… if you are looking for some fun geography-based mini-games, this just might be the ticket to get you through some long road-trip hours this holiday vacation.”

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