Pixel and Parker

The bedtime story that's never the same tale twice.

Spin the wheel and see where the story takes you in the fun bedtime story book with 30 interactive surprises that make reading fun. Part book and part board game, Pixel and Parker uses an innovative game spinner to create an action-packed adventure that’s never the same tale twice.

4.5 stars on App Store

Pixel and ParkerApp Store4.5

4.5 stars on Google Play

Pixel and ParkerGoogle Play4.5
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Subject Matter

Pixel and Parker is a fun, interactive bedtime story about Parker and his cat, Pixel. With each spin, players will complete a fun task that advances the story, developing their cognitive skills as they help Parker search for his missing friend.

Appropriate Age

This fun bedtime story of friendship is perfect for early readers who will easily empathize with Parker and his quest to find his missing pet. Pixel and Parker turns reading into a game that engages preschool and kindergarten children with tons of interactive surprises, including 30 different T-shirts they can use to change Parker’s look.

  • A fun bedtime story about friendship that every child will enjoy.
  • An innovative game spinner that makes the story different each time you play.
  • 30 interactive surprises that keep young readers engaged.
  • 30 T-shirts that players can win and use to change Parker’s look.
  • Safe, worry-free game play with a Parent Gate and no third-party ads.

“Pixel and Parker is a delightfully interactive experience.”

Pad Gadget

“Another great children’s app that we happily give five stars.”

Kids App Reviews

“Love the spin on the storybook with so much interactive fun.”

Super Mommy to the Rescue

“Think of it as a board game that jumped into the palm of your hand, ready to be there for those long drives. … My two-year-old is hooked.”

Jersey Family Fun

“This app takes interactive storybooks to the next level. … I loved the app, my son loved it, and I know my students will love it as well!”

Carries Speech Corner

“Based on our previous experience with Spinlight Studios, we are accustomed to the high production quality of their apps. Pixel and Parker is no exception.”

Geeks with Juniors

“… once in a while, a developer comes up with a new twist that gets me excited again. Pixel And Parker is one of those books.”


“… features more than 30 different activities … putting your child in control and on the edge of their seat.”

Apps for iPads

“Really smooth, really intuitive, very easy to pickup and play again. I’m really impressed!”

JediPad Master

“It’s a nice idea, as is the way you can dress Parker in different T-shirts — a small feature, but one that we think children will be drawn to.”

Apps Playground

“An innovative story-game hybrid … I really hope that we see more Spintales from this developer.”


“We can’t say enough WONDERFUL things about this new concept of story tales, the spinner is such a classic idea that we wondered why no one else had thought of this before?”

Teachers With Apps

“There is a lot to praise within Pixel and Parker. … I have sincerely enjoyed all the different story elements that are included within this unique, highly interactive book.”

148 Apps

“It’s not often the kids share the iPad. There’s usually quarreling. This game is great for taking turns. I loved watching them interact with it and each other.”

Royal Little Lambs

“It’s a great introduction to a spinner-type game for young children, and it encourages kids to think about how to solve a problems in the situations presented.”

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