TableTots Teacher

Lessons with letters, numbers and manipulatives for math, spelling and common core subjects.

TableTots Teacher lets you make your own amazing lessons using elements from the popular Tots Education Series. Counting, sorting, math, spelling — even basic phonics — the possibilities are endless in this awesome teaching app built for fun, one-on-one instruction.

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TableTots TeacherApp Store4.5

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TableTots TeacherGoogle Play4.5
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Subject Matter

TableTots Teacher includes everything you need to teach basic math, reading, spelling, sorting, order, quantities, vocabulary, color, shapes and more. Just choose a table top and create your own lessons, or use Scenes to fill the screen with all the elements required to teach domino math, money counting and other common lessons.

Appropriate Age

TableTots Teacher is perfect for preschool and kindergarten children, with bright colors and fun rewards that make learning fun. They’ll love interacting with the screen, while you’ll love the freedom to create and teach your own lessons, with features like a fun Peek-a-boo curtain that lets you slowly reveal the screen, keeping kids focused and engaged.

  • 12 unique table layouts built for sorting, counting, matching and other lessons.
  • 6 colorful theme combinations.
  • 11 Quick Scenes that instantly set the table for a wide range of lessons, including basic math, simple spelling, coin counting and more.
  • All the tools to create your own lessons, including: individual numbers from 0 to 100; all 26 letters; a common object for every letter; decimal point and operators; dollar and cent symbols; 16 common shapes in eight colors; basic American coins; 28 dominoes; and base-10 blocks representing 1, 10, 100 and 1,000.
  • Over 20 Quick Sets that let you quickly place multiple letters, numbers and objects on the table.
  • Nearly 200 unique sounds, including every letter (by name and sound), all the numbers from 0 to 100, and an object for every letter in the alphabet.
  • Many fun extra features, including a Quick Rewards animation to encourage young learners and a Peek-a-boo curtain that helps active learners focus.
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“The app is inherently customizable, empowering parents and teachers to create lessons tailored for individual kids.”

Common Sense Media

“TableTots is a powerful tool for parents, teachers, and tutors to present concepts like sorting, counting, spelling, and even basic math. … This is a great early learning tool.”

The Globe and Mail

“This app is like having a closet full of manipulatives at your finger tips. It’s a rare teaching resource that it limited only by your imagination.”


“This app is the first app I have seen that allows teachers to use the iPad for interactive instruction. … Honestly, the sky is the limit with this app.”

Recess TEC Inc.

“This app is just absolutely fantastic! It really does put the power of learning back in the parent’s hand. Two thumbs up!”

Loud Mommy

“We so totally love this app, Table Tots, that I really just cannot express it in words. … It’s very Montessori in its setup, and we love that around here!”

Royal Little Lambs

“This app is a great addition to classrooms as well as a great addition for home schooling. … I was really amazed with this app.”

Super Mommy to the Rescue

“I truly am in awe of this app and its versatility. There’s no doubt that TableTots is going to be an invaluable educational resource.”

The iPhone Mom

“By far one of the best apps I’ve found to use in therapy! … My clients love it and always request it at the start of each session!”

Speech Bop

“This is definitely an app for parents to be doing with their children. … The possibilities are endless.”


“The potential for customization with this app feels nearly infinite. … This app is a must-have for any parent with a child learning basic skills like counting, sorting, shapes and letters.”


“This app will prove to be an invaluable teaching resource to both parents, teachers and other adults. … A tremendous educational potential is included here.”

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“An incredibly versatile app for early education. What makes this app so valuable is that teachers and parents can customize activities for each child so the learning potentials are endless.”

That’s Appsolutely Genius!

“Imagine buying a bunch of learning placemats and all the shapes, letters, numbers, coins and more that go with them (with the added bonus of no little pieces to clean up!) That’s TableTots!”

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