Winky Think Logic Puzzles

The fun puzzle game loaded with learning logic.


Enjoy finger-twisting fun in the awesome game that builds your brain with tons of challenging puzzles. From simple matching to puzzles packed with moving barriers and complex, multi-touch fun, Winky Think Logic Puzzles combines it all in a game that stretches your fingers almost as much as your brain.

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Subject Matter

Winky Think Logic Puzzles helps young players develop problem-solving and motor skills while providing a fun and challenging game for those with more advanced capabilities. Players will also gain an understanding of physics as they interact with a wide range of objects and barriers while manipulating objects on the screen.

Appropriate Age

Winky Think Logic Puzzles offers fun logic puzzles for everyone from preschoolers to parents. With each puzzle they complete, players will learn new tools they can use to solve future problems, gaining the confidence they need to progress naturally through three different skill levels.

  • Three different skill levels with 180 challenging puzzles.
  • Progressive game design that allows kids to learn at their own speed.
  • Early math principles essential to Common Core.
  • Fun play action that develops logic, reasoning and motor skills.
  • An awesome, original soundtrack.
  • Language-neutral game play.
  • COPPA-compliant design for hours of kid-safe fun.

“Rev up your thinking engines … These puzzles are fun for siblings or a parent and child to explore together. Some of the puzzles even have intriguing moving parts, which motivate players to slide a shape into one of these machines to see what happens. Learning logic is a blast with Winky Think Logic Puzzles.”

USA Today

“Winky Think Logic Puzzles offer a ton of fun that is so engaging that users won’t even realize just how important the skills are to learning. Each puzzle provides a mental challenge that requires problem solving, logic, memory, eye-hand coordination and other skills that form foundations for learning.”

“The former math teacher in me not only loves the use of logic in this app, I appreciate the integration of nicely designed polygons for the reinforcement of shapes and colors. Perfect for early childhood students all the way up into the intermediate grades!”

Recess TEC

“I loved this app and the variety of puzzles it presented … I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of children preparing for school or in elementary. I will be playing this app with my four year old son for sure!”

The iPhone Mom

“Expand kids’minds with this set of fascinating logic puzzles filled with zing and zip! … Think Logic Puzzles is a great way to introduce reasoning and logical thinking into your child’s life. With the three different levels of difficulty, this is a puzzle app that will grow with your child.”

Tech With Kids

“I could not recommend Winky Think Logic Puzzles more, as this app is wonderful for many age groups, starting with preschool children who could solve the first puzzles yet will need to grow into many of the other boards that this app includes. An app that would entertain teens and adults as well, Winky Think Logic Puzzles will truly serve an entire family well. … my son and I have thoroughly enjoyed solving the problems within Winky Think Logic Puzzles.”

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“Amazing … This app is perfect for kids of all ages (and big ones too — I love it). … One of the best features besides all the content in this app is the multi-touch feature. … you will wish you had extra fingers!”

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“I would highly recommend Winky Think Logic Puzzles. Play is fresh, fun, and engaging. A lot of thought and time went into the making of this app, and it clearly shows in the level of detail from the overall design to the multitude of levels for the puzzlers.”

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